Download the AutoCAD drawing of collective housing 200
social units plumbing trade and which contains:

Plan of cold water supply, hot water supply
gas supply.

Axonometric diagrams of cold water supply,
hot water supply, gas supply.



-This design specifications intended to define as precisely as possible the nature and description of all operations of this lot.
-The method of execution and implementation to meet the technical requirements set out in this market. DTU and DIN applicable to plumbing work.
All-sanitary equipment, apparatus, equipment and materials which will have the project must meet the quality standards of hygiene and safety.
-The program of work contained in this batch will be executed according to the rules of art.

       Sanitary equipment:
-The equipment and any equipment to be confused chosen in the range of this design specifications, and any other product must be subject to the approval of the consulting engineer.
-The characteristics such as size ... etc.. sanitary ware and other ceramics, stainless steel, cast iron ... etc.. will be those contained in the description.
-Shower with rod, medium, and plastic curtain ring.
Sink-in china.
-Stainless steel sink.
Bath-enamel steel.
See the English porcelain.
The stop-valves and controls, will be used until 40 diameter alloy bronze, brass and other connections with sleeves female models will be installed locally manufactured or imported, they must be submitted for approval the consulting engineer.

      Water-supply internal system:
-From the management and control in a direct way (lot VRD) series of connections feed risers.
-Since the risers through stop valve and a pipe feed each meter housing.
-The hot water will be provided by a tankless water heater powered by gas.
-The fixtures are powered by a range of conduct whose characteristics are contained in the plans, the work must necessarily follow.

       Execution mode:
-The various pipes must be arranged in such manner that they are distant from each other of 30 mm, their crossings carefully executed.
-The pipes must be fixed to walls and walls with clamps of appropriate diameter and sealed at a suitable distance.
-In the case of cross walls or floors the pipes must be placed in sleeves made of PVC or steel, the inner diameter of about 10mm will exceed that of the pipe to protect their length should extend beyond 20 mm above the floor or sails .
-The seal between pipe and sleeve should be ensured through putty or silicone.
-The water supply piping shall be galvanized steel or copper.
-The connecting piping to plumbing fixtures will be copper.

la cuvette, cône en caoutchouc entre le tuyau de chasse et la cuvette, pipe de raccordement entre la conduite de chute et la cuvette, conduite eaux-vannes, tuyau de chasse d'eau en plomb, mastic.

      Gas supply - internal system:
- The work to be performed will meet the requirements contained in this contract, technical document and unified DUN
- Based on the information given on the plans and from the meter installed in the duct.
- All installation work and connection of gas lines must be subject to approval by the gas supplier, the sole accreditation compliance enforcement.
- The laying of pipes and connections outside, reducing stations in facades, rising mains, the meter installation, shall be executed by the supplier of gas except in the case or the company is accredited by the gas supplier.

    - Execution mode:
-From the meter, the flow of the gas network will be executed after the data contained in implementation plans covered by the gas supplier.
-The fixing of the pipe will be sealed by the collars and of appropriate diameter.
-During the cross walls and walls by a casing pipe of suitable diameter PVC or steel will protect with a suitable sealing product.
-Changes in direction are made by bending the pipe line with management to avoid the proliferation of solder joints.
-The connection of copper pipes, tees tapered sleeves ... etc.. must be approved, they will be run by silver solder.
-Expectations (rubber gate valves, fittings, water heaters and gas poile) will be female nut, flaring of the pipe carefully executed.
-The installation of water heaters, will be equipped with exhaust duct zinc, to conduct SHUNT (flue gas exhaust duct).


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