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urban  recompositionthe  sub-floor  plan,

plan  ground  floorplan  between  ground,

Attic  floor  plan,  section,  two  façade.


As part of the rehabilitation of the Casbah of Algiers and in order to ensure continuity between the traditional tissue and modern tissue that is a project of urban hotel with patio and different characteristic of the house in the casbah in modern design which corresponds to the current form.

This project will let you know how to integrate into an former environment while we keep our way to the future.



This file contains the project of an urban hotel with a patio which composed of seven levels


Parking is in the basement with the various technical areas generator, air conditioning and heating a laundry room, storage, wrong exposure, local of maintenance ....

The ground floor is characterized by the centralization of all spaces around a patio, which facilitates the movement and also provides a degree of acoustic comfort we found shopping and consumer space with a tea room and cafeteria, space of service and management with offices and reception room and patio as organizer space.

 The between  ground is the extension of the ground floor with areas of service and management office manager and accounting office meeting room and restaurants.

Upstairs we find the centralized organization that facilitates much the circulation in and between floors this organization gives the freedom spirit of movement we have service and management space, infirmary, valet, the Office of floor, the salon and hosting rooms, suites.
The last level is the attic floor with a restaurant and an apartment.

The vertical circulation is linear with panoramic lifts and a monumental stairs that marks a return to classical ornamentation.


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